Next Show April 5, 2019
New Dodge Lounge

Member History:
Gary Zasuwa:   guitar
Louis Zasuwa: vocals
Pat Conaton: bass, vocals
Kyle Kleckner: drums
Dan Gostomski (RIP): keyboard
Jim Warner (MIA): drums

Ken Green Mark Cortis  on
I'm Your Monkey





Tunes to grab:
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Time Release1980  
Thrasher 1985  
Follow Me 1985  
Crispy Babies 1980  
Elected 1980  
Parrot 1980  
Operator 1985  
Rockgarden 1980  
Eyes 1980  
It's a PopChart Thing 1980  
Na Na Na 1980  
Customer Service 1980  
Dancin 1980
Ocean 1980

Live Videos 8/10/2018

Overboard 1980 Video1 - Operator & Ocean Old Miami 2018
Really Don't Mind 1979 Video2 - Mystery Man Old Miami 2018
Vatican Loser 1979 Video3 - Sticky Boy Old Miami 2018
Video 1983 Video4 - Video Old Miami 2018
Don't Say Goodnight 1979 Video - Tremor Review 1982
Round the Plane 2005  
Parachute Instrumental 2014  
Greshwin Project 2014  
Rebel - Live video 1982  
ProjectZasu 2016  


Casino - Pre Service 1980  
Can You Dig It - Pre Service 1980  
Money w/BANJO - Pre Service 1980  
FUNK-7000- Pre Service 1979  
Secrets -Pre Service 1979  
I'm Your Monkey-Pre Service 1980  
Parachute Love - Pre Service 1980  
My Way 'Limp Bizkit' 2001  
Time Release was the very first single recorded at Livonia Sound studio published by Tremor Records. Many Detroit 80's bands recorded at Livonia Sound - for example Skid Marx and others. Follow Me, Operator, Video, NaNaNa and Thrasher were recorded at Tremor Records Studio, engineered by Cynecide's Roger Wesch. Follow Me and Overboard were published on compilation LP's and Thrasher was never released. I'm Your Monkey was recorded on a 2 track stereo cassette deck in a basement studio in Redford, MI. Other singles appeared on Tremor Records Compilation albums. We are currently rehearsing and regrouping. Pat Conaton is currently performing with WindChill Factor. My Way by Limp Bizkkit circa 2000 is posted to compare with Parachute Love circa 1979-80- chording is similar.


LP: Deface the Eighties 1980 Label: Tremor Records
LP:Mandatory Music Label: Tremor Records (2) ‎– TRLP 103 1981
Single Time Release Label: 1980 Tremor Records