Visit this site and you might learn something interesting about Key West.  It’s newspapers, nightlife and other oddities. It is a convenient shortcut for me to visit the sites I found interesting while I was a resident of the Florida Keys.

Duval Street - Sloppy Joes(Mac only)

Wicker Guest House - 913 Duval St, Key West (Mac only)

The only reason I have these webcams up is because they are the most reliable and hardly ever go down. They also profile the most famous place to get a drink at least once while you are in Key West. After that, it been there done that, music sucks, people are annoying. It's all tourists and very loud and not a relaxing place. Better to grab a drink at Schooners Warf on the Blight (cool Marina right in Key West) or actually any place other than Sloppy Joes.

Visit this site and you might learn something interesting about Key West.  It's newspapers, nightlife and other oddities.

Duval Street (Mac only)

There is another shot of the bar from across the street, what good that is, is beyond me.


Monroe County Arrest Log

This is real fun with real crime logs. Photos of the offenders are for your enjoyment. See the link on the Menu.


Photos of the Keys

Finally did post something.


Click the pics for links to a real photo album.


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